Saturday, May 19, 2012

Latest Upcycle Project

Beautiful pair of new lined shoe bags, made from an old
vintagetablecloth.  Front pattern shown here.

I recently scored a pile of vintage linens at a thrift sale.  One of the items was an awesome old  tablecloth. This is a bit of an addictive habit, buying old vintage linens.  Especially tablecloths.  I have a lot of them now.  But it is so hard to let them go.  I love the charming old patterns and prints.  And many of them are still in good condition.  Even with some flaws or signs of previous wear.  I still love them for their charm. You can't find tablecloths quite so nice now.

So what to do, I really do need to do something with them.  I have a pile I have been meaning to up-cycle into something new.  Given them a next life.   I had washed and aired all the linens I got recently already, so they were all folded and ready for their next adventure.

 Today I picked one the of the newly acquired tablecloths.  I had been working just before on some prototype patterns I created for shoe bags.  And I thought this one tablecloth, with its thinner weight fabric, could work well into the shoe bag design.    In fact, I managed to get enough out of the little lightweight tablecloth to make a matching pair of shoe bags.  Each lined in a different yellow cotton fabric.  With easy pull cotton webbing ties, to cinch up.

Back view of the shoe bags, showing the "minor" pattern
from the tablecloth.
I cut the tablecloth carefully, so I could take best advantage of floral print.

These turned out really great, they look very posh and so unique !

Upcycled:  old 30s dress
becomes cool retro apron
new apron, after cooking dinner
and a new dessert !
Earlier this week I up cycled an old 1930s dress, creating it into something new.  I would have kept it as a dress if I could have, but it did not fit and suit at all.  I could not alter it, due to a funny shaped yoke neckline.  It was a low cost acquisition, at $10.  A  very old and well worn homemade cotton dress.  I decided to make it into an apron instead.  I added ties and designed the apron around the very nice pockets, because I love pockets on my aprons.  A neckline tie in coral red.  Apronstring ties in royal blue, long enough to wrap around my waist and tie in front, how I like to do.  And a cute teal velvet ribbon I put across the top of the bodice.  And I kept all the extra fabric for some other project.  It is lovely soft and a very cute print !

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